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Pullman Jazz Society

so·ci·e·ty (səˈsīədē) noun

the aggregate of people who are fashionable, wealthy, and influential, regarded as forming a distinct group in a community.

The Pullman Jazz Society is an ensemble of musicians, poets, comedians and DJs who bring life to any event. From trio to big band, we perform it all! No venue is too large or too small for us to make your event awesome. Not only do we perform jazz, we also offer top 40, pop, Latin, classical, blues, house, comedy and just about any genre of music that your event needs.

Furthermore, we serve the musical artists, audiences and students of the Chicagoland area through four primary, inter-connected areas of activity: Concert Presentation, Educational Programming, Community Leadership and Special Programs.

In short: we give lesser-known performers a chance to be seen. We cultivate artists and provide them with opportunities to hone and showcase their craft, in turn encouraging them to further their efforts as performers.
We are dedicated to building live music audiences of all ages and raising long-term awareness of various forms of refined music in culturally under-served areas. We also serve general music audiences who are eager for a more substantial concert experience, including musical performances in multiple languages and adding comedic elements to our show formats.

The Pullman Jazz Society cultivates opportunities for live performance in under-served communities.

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