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Do you feel that your performance is missing something?




Are you ready to fall in love with your voice? If you desire quality, useful advice and practical techniques, I am the coach for you! I train my students to be able to eventually train themselves. Because I regularly employ my own techniques and perfect them as I go along. I teach the physiology of singing and internal sound manipulation. Additionally, I have been the private vocal coach for multiple contestants on American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Voice and several competitions spanning over 10 countries. If your voice isn't becoming to you, you should be coming to me!

Shed the stress and worry of lackluster stage performance and low self-esteem and have a fantastic time while gaining priceless experience.

No matter your age, background or level of experience, I have a service to suit your needs.

From beginner to professional, I guarantee improvement in your singing and speaking! From age 2 to 200, I will bring out the best in you!

Contact me for a consultation today!

 Lesson Rates

if you would like in-person lessons outside of the posted zip codes, an additional charge will apply.
Please contact me to discuss available options




15 minutes - $29.99

30 minutes - $49.99

45 minutes - $69.99

60 minutes - $89.99

Whistle Register



30 minutes- $800

60 minutes- $1500



(my facility)

30 minutes - $60   

45 minutes  -  $85

60 minutes  -  $100

Each additional hour in same session with same student - $70




my facility or in your home/facility within the following zip codes:

60628, 60643, 60653, 60617, 60637, 60649, 60620 and 60619

Group Classes


2 people: $75/person/ hour
3-5 people: $60/person/ hour.




(your home/facility)

30 minutes - $80 

45 minutes  -  $100

60 minutes  -  $120

Each additional hour in same session with same student - $80




 within the following zip codes:

60615, 60653, 60616, 60608, 60609, 60636, 60621, 60633, 60652, 60629, 60655





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Getting Started


It's easy to start lessons! Simply follow the process below and we can begin as soon as you'd like!


1. Scroll down to "Pay for Lessons" section on this page

2. Select the method (Online/Mobile or in-person) and length of time you would like your session to be.

3. Click the "Buy Now" link in the $25 appointment deposit section and make payment via PayPal. The purpose of the appointment deposit is to protect against last-minute cancellations and reschedules. No appointment is confirmed until this deposit is received. This deposit is separate from the lesson payment and cannot be applied to lesson payment. Deposit is refundable upon students' decision to no longer take voice lessons, PROVIDED it has not been previously forfeited. (See scheduling and cancellation policy for details)

4. Call, text or email me via the "Contact Me" page on this website to schedule your appointment.

5. Once your appointment is confirmed, you have two options:

    a. Pay for Skype lessons via the corresponding "Buy Now" link on the Pay for Services page. Remember to include the appropriate transaction fee.

    b. Pay for in-person lessons in CASH ONLY at the time of the lesson.


Scheduling and Cancellation Policy Disclosure

If you are not on time for your scheduled lesson, the missed portion will not be made up at the end of the session or at any other time. If I am not on time, the missed portion will be made up at the end of the session or at a mutually-agreed upon time.

To reschedule a lesson, a minimum of 48 hours' notice prior to the scheduled lesson time is required, otherwise, the appointment deposit will be forfeited. Lesson must be rescheduled within the same calendar week as the originally-scheduled lesson, if an alternate time slot is available with BabiDoll.  BabiDoll will not be held liable for forfeiture of appointment deposit if an alternate time slot is not available during the same calendar week of the originally-scheduled lesson. Calendar week is Monday to Sunday.

To cancel a lesson, the $25 appointment deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited by the student. If a deposit has been forfeited, a new $25 appointment deposit must be submitted before another lesson may be scheduled.

Please note that no exceptions will be made to this policy including illness, transportation issues (including car breaking down), family emergency, weather or for any other short-notice reason, so please schedule accordingly.

No refunds are given.

By scheduling a lesson with BabiDoll/ Complete Package Coaching, you agree to all terms set forth within this scheduling and cancellation policy disclosure.

Pay for Services

Pay for Lessons


appointment deposit



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15 minutes - $29.99




30 minutes - $59.99




45 minutes - $69.99




60 minutes - $79.99


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Accepted Forms of Payment
Cash is the only acceptable form of payment for in-person lessons.
Appointment deposits and Skype lesson payments may be made via PayPal
*please note that a fee is to be added to all PayPal payments, as they charge a transaction fee in addition to the base rate.
No additional fee is needed for $25 appointment deposits.
$15-$25: add $2
$26-$35: add $3
$36-$45: add $5
$46-$55: add $8
$56-$65: add $9
$66-$75: add $10
$76-$85: add $11
$86-$100: add $12
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